Who Are The World Talkers?

The World Talkers is a group comprised of four friends--named Chandler, Daniel, Skyler, and Wyatt--who attend Evermore Park weekly. 

The four guys were friends before going to Evermore. Skyler, Chandler, and Wyatt went to high school together, and after some years away from their hometown and each other, they reconnected and became even closer friends. Daniel was a friend of Wyatt's first, and after getting together for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Daniel grew closer and closer with the other three World Talkers.

After learning about Evermore Park through social media, they visited the Park in the first couple weeks of it being open during the Lore 2018 season, and they instantly became obsessed with Evermore Park season. The World Talkers loved it for both what it was at the time, and also the future potential of what the Park as a whole could become.


The World Talkers did what they do best--talk. They started to talk to everyone and anyone that would listen and began playing around with ideas to tell everyone in the world what Evermore Park is and how to best enjoy it. The four friends formalized their first project and released their bi-weekly Evermore-themed fan podcast, titled The World Talkers: An Unofficial Evermore Fancast, on 10 February 2019. After being with the podcast for a little over a year, it was time for Wyatt to graduate from college and move away. He is still a great friend to the other three, but has decided to leave the podcast.

After having success with their first project, the remaining three World Talkers wanted to keep creating and keep spreading the word about Evermore Park.

The best next step was to create this website, worldtalkers.com, as both a website to create content for fans of The World Talkers, and also as a resource for those wanting to learn more about Evermore Park.

The World Talkers website strives to be the companion website to evermorepark.com and provide accurate, high-quality content for new fans of Evermore, fans that visit infrequently, and those that frequent regularly and would like even more Evermore in their lives. 

More About the Team

Co-Host, Head of Public Outreach & Scheduling


Chandler is a talker at heart, always willing to have deep conversations and ask a million questions. He is a board game collector, huge book reader, and movie watcher.
While mostly playing tabletop games, he has gotten into roleplaying games recently and loves them for the ability to experience different situations and lives. He currently works for Target in their Human Resource department, and is currently pursuing a Communication degree, which fits perfectly with his love of talking and getting to know people (which becomes obvious to those who spend at least 5 minutes with him).

Co-Host, Head of Branding & Episode Creation


A hero to nerds, dorks, and geeks everywhere was given life in 1994. 24 years later, Daniel has since squandered his hero-dom and now prefers the comforts of his mother's basement, rolling dice to slay orcs, and reading way too many roleplaying game rule books than is healthy. Recently, Evermore has gotten Daniel out of his mother's basement and into a real world of wonder and fantasy. Armed with the sword of absolute nerdiness and three trusty companions, Daniel sits at a table with his friends every other week to talk about the park that has given him a chance to become a hero once more.

Co-Host, Head of Audio Editing & Merchandise


Skyler has always been a nerd. Books, cosplay, collectibles, D&D, movies, theater, and video games are a constant in his life. Naturally, when Evermore opened, it incorporated all of these things he already loved. Now, he is excited to help everyone learn about and become enthralled by the magic of Evermore.

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