Aurora 2018

Taking what they had learned from Lore 2018, Evermore Park continued forward with their new non-linear format and added new characters from a world filled with magic and cold temperatures: Aurora.









Story Summary

     The town of Evermore had survived the Darkblood Plague from Lore. The portal to that world was now shut, and in time, a new portal was opened to a world called Aurora. 

     Aurora is an intense world. Almost constantly, the temperature was below freezing and the natives of this world were often seen as rough.

Auroran Dignitaries Arrive

     As the portals were opening once more, dignitaries from Aurora came through the portal first. King Aerick came through the portal to check on old friends, as he was old enough to remember the time before the portals were closed. His wife, Queen Laila, his adopted daughters, Drifa and Nysno Lindholm, and members of his court, Rainer Skare, Tinker, Humbug, and the court's physicians, The Elves of Light, also came through the portal to establish good relations with the Evermorians. 

     Upon arriving in Evermore, the Aurorans were suprised to find their long-lost war general, Gjakull Skare, still alive and well. Long believed to be dead, the Aurorans rejoiced in finding one of their own in Evermore. Rainer Skare, in particular, had reason to rejoice as Gjakull was his actual brother. 

The Title of General Is Debated

     Almost immediately upon discovering Gjakull alive and well, King Aerick reinstated Gjakull as war general, as he had been in the past, taking the title away from Drifa, who had held the title for many years in Gjakull's absence. This did not sit with Drifa, who had made many difficult decisions and worked so hard to establish peace back in Aurora.

     Drifa confronted King Aerick and pled her case. She was the rightful general, as per Auroran tradition, the eldest child of the ruling king and queen would be general. She was raised and trained from a very young age to take the title, and her birthright had been taken from her when Gjakull was first placed as general, and he was only given that title after he saved the life of King Aerick in battle. 

     King Aerick was caught between a rock and a hard place. Should he give the title to one who had previously held the title, which was only taken from him because he was assumed dead or should he give the title to one who had done much good in the position in the other's absence? 

     The Auroran King, unsure what to do, took to the World Walkers and Evermorians to decide. He allowed others to vote on who they thought should be general. The Aurorans were frustrated with his indecision, as each had their own understanding of what should happen. Drifa argued with King Aerick. Queen Laila attempted to counsel King Aerick. Rainer sided with Drifa, and not his own brother, as each had to decide for themselves who should hold the title.


     The Aurorans confronted one another and had many instances of internal arguments and fighting. All the while, the townsfolk of Evermore felt the temperature drop in their town. The Auroran dignitaries had innate nature magic, and in their anger and arguments, magic was released. They were affecting the very nature around them. The elusive forest guardian, the Pooka, came out of the forest to reprimand the Aurorans and to plead for them to put this to an end. 

     All while the others argued, Nysno attempted to establish good relations with the Evermorians and Mythosians. Mythosians and Aurorans, in particular, had a strained relationship. They had fought in battle together, and when the Mythosians needed their help, the Aurorans had left them on their own. Nysno's attempts at diplomacy were successful at repairing some of the relationships.


     Knowing that the internal strife was a problem, Gjakull would voice his lack of interest in being the general again to those World Walkers who would ask. In fact, he never wanted to be general. King Aerick had made the original decision for him, and as so often seen in the past, whatever King Aerick wants, King Aerick gets. 

     After several weeks of World Walkers and others voting on who should have the title, the results were announced. World Walkers agreed that Drifa should keep the position of general. Bolstered by the result of the voting, Gjakull decided to finally confront King Aerick and tell him the truth. To further support the World Walkers' decision, he renounced his claim on the title and fully supported Drifa. He also announced that he would stay on Earth with Nysno, instead of traveling back to Aurora with the others, as the portal to Aurora was soon to close. King Aerick agreed with the World Walkers and Gjakull and announced that Drifa would continue to be general.

A Ritual to Hatch Dragon Eggs

     With the Auroran internal affairs in order, the townsfolk were able to focus on other issues. The Dragon Trainers had discovered multiple dragon eggs on Earth in ancient, long-forgotten places. These eggs would not hatch, no matter what they did. 

     Gudrun Radormer, the town's historian, found ancient texts that suggested there may be a way to hatch these dragon eggs with resonance magic. To better cast this magic, they would need to perform a ritual using gold to channel the magic. With gold aiding them, they attempted the ritual. Again and again, Aiden of the Dragon Trainers struck the singing bowl to hone in on the right resonance.  Unfortunately, nothing worked. Ina and Kaida added their suggestions of trying other metals and attempting the ritual again.

     From King Aerick, they collected a cup of pure Auroran silver. From Grimy the Mythosian goblin, they collected a lantern made from the finest Mythosian iron. With each of these metals, the Dragon Trainers attempted the ritual and were unsuccessful. Frustration quickly overtook the excitement they felt at the beginning. Not wanting to give up, they consulted the text and kept thinking of possible solutions. Finally, one of the three suggested that if they used all the different metals, they may be able to tap into the frequency of the known worlds and be able to awaken the dormant dragon eggs. They already had gold from Earth, silver from Aurora, and iron from Mythos. The only world not represented was Lore. 

     Gjakull Skare provided the last element needed: a stone from Lore. With his addition, the Dragon Trainers attempted the Dragon Ritual once more. The dragon egg was set in the middle and the four metals were put around the egg. Minutes passed as Aiden began to strike his singing bowl to tap into this powerful magic. This time, the ritual had an effect. Fire quickly surrounded the egg, and then went out. 

     Excitedly, the Dragon Trainers inspected the egg. It was still as dormant as it was before. Nothing had changed with the egg. The Dragon Trainers left the ritual crestfallen. Their hopes and dreams for this magnificent species were foiled.

     Later, it would be revealed that the ritual had done something, just not what they had assumed it would. With a connection to all four known worlds in the portal cycle, this ritual had apparently opened a portal into the "in-between," a space between the worlds. Surprisingly, there, in this "in-between" space, were many dragons. It appeared they had been placed in this space to keep them safe from The Dragon Purge, where they were kept in a state of hibernation. This Dragon Ritual opened a portal and woke some of the great creatures.

The Portal Closes​

     After all the excitement, the time had arrived for the Aurora portal to close. The Aurorans bid farewell to Evermorians, Mythosians, and World Walkers and stepped through the portal. 

     Rumors already were beginning of seeing large beasts in the forest. With this on their minds, World Walkers left Evermore preparing to visit again when the portal to Mythos opened. 

Evermore Gazette Available During Aurora 2018



The World Talkers' Review 

     Aurora 2018 revealed an interesting new variable in the creative and guest experience of Evermore: Utah's winter. It was beautiful when it snowed, yet absolutely freezing outside. The Park did great to provide fires and delicious hot chocolate. The addition of Christmas lights was great, but... many of the light displays that were set up felt out of place in a Victorian era town. The story of Aurora 2018 was almost nonexistent as Evermore Park chose to highlight the holiday season instead. A great family destination where one could visit once or twice, but as an immersive story telling experience, Aurora 2018 was not the best. 

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Major Plot Points:

  • A portal to another world opened after the events of Lore 2018. This portal opened to a world called Aurora.

  • Auroran dignitaries travelled through the portal. These included King Aerick and Queen Laila, war general Drifa, diplomat Nysno, and others.

  • Upon arriving, the Aurorans were surprised to find the assumed-dead Gjakull Skare alive and well. 

  • King Aerick reinstated Gjakull as General, a title he once held, even though it was Drifa's birthright.

  • Internal fighting between the Aurorans affect the town negatively

  • Gjakull Skare renounces his claim as general, stating that he does not want the position. King Aerick announces that Drifa will continue to be the general.

  • After finding historical texts that indicated a possible way to hatch dragon eggs, the Dragon Trainers attempt a ritual using resonances and different metals.

  • The Dragon Trainers were unsuccessful at hatching the dragon eggs, however, the ritual seemed to open the "in-between," where dragons were hidden away, hibernating safely.

Notable Seasonal Events

  • New Years Eve 2018 Party


Dates Run: 3 Oct. 2018 - 15 Nov. 2018

Num. of Characters: 

Seasonal Activities: Ice skating, 

Previous Season: Lore 2018

Next Season: Mythos 2019


The World Talkers' Audio Recap:

Aurora 2018 Story


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