The World Talkers: An Unofficial Evermore Fancast and its website (worldtalkers.com) and all associated services aims to spread the word about Evermore Park, as well as, help park guests understand what Evermore Park is, the stories told there, and any associated information. 

This website also aims to help gather all photos, videos, and works associated with Evermore Park in one place. All rights and credit for those works belong to their respective creators. The World Talkers does not own them, but they are being used with permission. 

The stories, characters, places, props, products, and all associated information depicted in Evermore Park belong to Evermore Park.


The World Talkers website is a fan-run website, and we do not claim to speak for Evermore Park or its subsidiaries. Information posted on this website is entirely collected by fans and, while we do try to report things as accurately as possible, the information posted may inaccurately represent the story of Evermore Park or its characters. This website and its content are subject to change or removal at any time, without warning.

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