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Lore 2018 was Evermore Park's debut season. 











Story Summary

          Even before the portal to our world opened, the people of Evermore had a history with portals. The townsfolk continued living their peaceful lives with the occasional new portals opening and closing. After much peace and prosperity, something happened. The portals to new worlds stopped appearing. Not much is known concerning the reason why they stopped. Many years have passed since the portals stopped opening.

      The townsfolk became curious once again and, through the use of both science and magic, Wen Weaver and James Birtwistle Wikam opened the portals and started the "portal cycle" once more. 

     After multiple attempts, Wikam and Wen, using both magic and science, opened a portal to a world called Mythos. From this portal came beings entirely different from those on Earth: Elves, Dwarfs, Goblins, Faeries, and Mythosians, who for all intents and purposes, appear human, but have innate magical skills.

     The Mythos Portal opened and then eventually closed, and a new portal opened in its place. The new portal led to a world called Lore. As Wikam and his automaton sentry called Tip-Top entered this new portal, Tip-Top's sensors began flashing red, reacting to some kind of danger in this strange world. Tip-Top and Wikam left quickly back to safety and attempted to close the portal. However, this portal couldn't be shut as it became  partially stuck open.

Darkness Enters

     The danger that Tip-Top sensed started to seep through the portal. A "darkness" started affecting the plants, animals, and the very ground below the town.  This darkness changed the very nature of existence for Evermore. Vampires roamed the Catacombs, ghosts roamed the streets, and the dead rose from their graves (putting the Gravedigger, Badger, out of work). But nothing was so devastating as when the darkness infected the townsfolk. Their bodies and minds began to change. Those not infected started to refer to this "sickness" as the "Darkblood plague" and those infected with it, "Darkbloods."


     The early stages of the sickness appeared mild, but could often affect the mind. As the disease progressed, mushrooms and other lichens would grow from the skin of those infected. Most of the time, those infected could control themselves, and even hold a conversation. But occasionally, they would lose themselves and attack those around them who had not yet been infected. As such, most people infected with the Darkblood plague were quarantined in the Mortlock Mausoleum. 


     Wikam and Wen grew angry with one another, blaming each other for the danger they released on the town. Their egos prevented them from working together to find a solution to shut the portal.

Fae King Promises Protection

     Fear set into the citizens of the town as they began to search for ways to cure the infection. Thurgood Dyad, a chemist, began working on a cure, but didn’t have much luck. He appeared to be missing something that he couldn’t figure out. Instead of relying on science, others relied on magic.

     Most notably infected was the self-named Fae King. This once peaceful humanoid now stood towering over all in a twisted new form. With his newfound powers from the darkness, he promised protection from the Darkblood Plague to all who would pledge themselves to him. His friends, Faldo, Falda, and Sloan, were adamant that this was not the true form of their friend. They insisted that this creature before them was called Caderyn, and that the Darkblood plague was affecting his mind. 

     For generations, a druidic order had been worshipping nature and the balance of all things. After seeing the change in the Fae King, the Druids began to worship him, as he promised to save all those that followed him. The Acolytes of Saint Michael, however, intended to use ancient rituals that would protect the town from the Darkness. The two groups required gold in its raw, unprocessed form to harness the magic required, and sent World Walkers to collect gold for their organizations.

Darkblood Plague Spreads

     The Darkblood plague continued to spread. Finlay Nettleton, the miller’s son, had heard tale that there was treasure out in the forest. After searching, Finlay went missing for a few days. When he returned, he, too, was infected with the Darkblood plague. His father, Fergus Nettleton, and sister, Clara Nettleton, dutifully took care of him while keeping him secluded on the bridge behind the mill. World Walkers flocked from all around to help him find a cure. 

     Additionally, Sloan the Satyr went missing. Droch Lorcan was blamed and held in custody by Sephtis the Executioner. Though Droch had seen him last, he maintained that he did not know where Sloan had gone. 

     As danger in Evermore grew, the people needed protection. The Knights of Evermore began patrolling the streets of Old Town, keeping the citizens safe from the undead Celtic warriors and the Darkbloods. They even began making squires out of the World Walkers. The Black Heart Hunters, a guild of monster hunters, began hunting for the infected beasts, even saving Bear 'Suds' McBride, owner and barkeep of The Cooked Lantern tavern, from the belly of an infected fish. Fish were not the only infected creatures, but also boars and spiders. As there were many dangers in the forests, the Black Hearts began to accept new hunters into their ranks, if you could prove yourself worthy of the title.

A Bittersweet Triumph in a Time of Darkness

     In this time of darkness, light and love was also found. In a whirlwind, Suds McBride and Clara Nettleton had fallen in love and gotten engaged. 

     Thurgood had discovered the missing components to his possible cure to the Darkblood plague. With the help from hundreds, if not thousands, of World Walkers, he worked tirelessly until his cure was ready. He applied his solution to Finlay, and it seemed to have worked! He reproduced the cure and gave it to all those infected. 

    With the threat of more danger growing worse, Wen Weaver and Wikam finally set aside their feud and agreed to force the Lore portal shut. But all was not well. Clara Nettleton had caught the infection from her brother. The cure had already been expended. There was nothing she could do! At the counsel of the fortune teller, Jardani, Clara went through the portal, unbeknownst to Wen and Wikam. Just after she went through, the dynamic duo closed the Lore portal by force. At first, everyone rejoiced. And then they realized who they had lost. The triumph was bittersweet indeed. 

The Conclusion: World Walker Champions

     The very next day, Finlay Nettleton’s symptoms returned. Five World Walker Champions stepped up to not only save him, but to save the Fae King, Caderyn, as well. Their names were Caroline Ravenwood, Pit Plum, Roan the Collector, Cayden and Lauren. The Fearsome Five split into two groups to divide and conquer the tasks at hand. 

     The first group had to collect all the necessary ingredients necessary to make the cure again. It wasn’t easy. Going through witches, vampires and Sephtis the Executioner, they finally retrieved everything they needed. Thurgood put all of the ingredients together to make his concoction and made a perfect dose. However, these things do not always work as well as we all would hope. The cure did not work a second time on Finlay. He was still infected, and was actively getting worse. The Champions brought him up to the Mausoleum, since those who quarantined themselves there before never seemed to get any worse. 

     Blocking the way to the Mausoleum stood the Gravedigger, Badger, drunk as ever. Wikam demanded that Badger step aside and allow them inside. In an instant, Badger seemed to sober up, but no, he was never drunk to begin with. He turned his bottle, showing the sigil of Gjakull Skare, and thereby revealing that he was the mythological being of frost and winter. He said that it was him, all along, who had stopped the disease from progressing further. It wasn’t proximity to the mausoleum that had kept them safe, it was proximity to Gjakull. He had been watching the town for a long time, centuries even. He was no god, he was from another world called Aurora. 

     He instructed them to try the cure once more on Finlay, this time with his magic working in tandem with the cure. When the medicine was administered, it finally worked. Finlay had been cured. 

     The second group was given the task of gathering large amounts of gold in order to perform magic on the last remaining infected individual: The Fae King. Knowing that the Acolytes and the Druids were collecting gold, the champions sought help from the Acolytes first. Unfortunately, the acolytes’ gold had all been stolen the night before in a physical altercation with the druids. The Acolytes of Saint Michael sent the champions to the Druids to convince them to rebel against The Fae King. The Champions accomplished their task, bringing three Druids to the acolytes and plenty of gold. With the magic-conducting power of the gold, Jasteth, the main acolyte, was able to perform a ritual to banish the Fae King’s voice from the mind of the Druids and Champions. The voice of the Fae King was in every person’s mind that received a new name from the Fae King. This voice was the darkness perverting and twisting the thoughts of all people to do evil.

     Finally, The Champions gathered every World Walker in town at the foot of the Fae King, surrounding him, shouting things like, “Remember who are, Caderyn!” and “This darkness isn’t you!” but the Fae King would not hear them. Finally, Siorai came to the front of the crowd. She, too, had a secret. She was known on Earth as “Mother Nature,” but this title was not correct. She was also from Aurora and had powers of her own.

     With all of Evermore around them, Mother Nature summoned the power of nature magic and touched the Fae King’s hand. He shrieked in pain as her magic worked its way into his mind. A minute passed, maybe two. It appeared that her magic alone wasn’t enough.

     Wikam spotted the need for more magic. The Champions of Evermore sent a collection bowl around to the Evermorians and World Walkers; all who could donate gold coins or gold nuggets were needed. The Champions formed a half circle of gold around the Fae King and took Wikam’s staff. Together with Mother Nature and the five Champions of Evermore, they began to channel the powerful nature magic once more. Still, the darkness around Caderyn’s mind was too strong.

     Remembering the power of true names, a shout went up amongst the people in attendance. Evermorians, World Walkers, and Champions of Evermore combined began to call out the true name of the Fae King: Caderyn. “Come back to us, Caderyn,” they cried, “Remember who you are.”

All hearts and hope united as one with the enhancing power of gold finally broke the darkness’ hold on Caderyn. Suddenly free from the darkness, Caderyn remembered Mother Nature. He remembered every awful thing that he had done. His voice, no longer twisted by the darkness, was calm and friendly. He apologized to all in attendance. He was free!

A Grave Warning From Sloan

    World Walkers begged for a new name for all of them, and he dutifully provided. Everyone that was there that night was given the name “Bibbles” by Caderyn. Evermore had been saved. 

     Townsfolk and World Walkers retreated back to Old Town to celebrate their victory over the darkness - when even more good news arrived. Sloan had been found in the woods by Sephtis. He was weak, and had definitely been taken captive by the darkness. But he was safe now, and not infected. Sloan gave a grave warning - there was something still there, lurking out in the woods, but even that could not rain on the triumphs of the evening. 

     Caderyn and the rest of the Faeries went with Siorai to rest for the winter, and as they rested Caderyn would slough off his Darkblood shell and return to how he was. Meanwhile, another portal opened… Aurora. But, that is a tale for another time. 

Evermore Gazette Available During Lore 2018



The World Talkers' Review 

     It was in this season that we discovered Evermore Park. We fell in love with the idea and the potential. We knew it wasn't perfect, but it was incredibly fun. The Park itself didn't know what it was, as just a week or two into the season, the format of the entire thing changed. It was originally just a linear walk-through model where guests stayed on the path and were guided through a story. Upon hearing that guests didn't want just another "haunt" experience, Evermore Park changed and adapted and created something new.

Want to listen to our full review? Click play below.

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Major Plot Points:

  • James Birtwistle Wikam and Wen Weaver open portals into other worlds.

  • A portal opens to Mythos. Elves, goblins, faeries, and others come through. The portal then closes.

  • A portal opens to our time and allows us to travel through time and space to witness and interact with the townsfolk of Evermore. The townsfolk begin to call any coming through this portal as "World Walkers"

  • A portal opens to a world called Lore, which has been taken over by a darkness. 

  • This darkness affects anything with which it comes in contact. 

  • The darkness, or Darkblood Plague, as it becomes known, threatens the town as it begins to come in contact with those beings from Mythos and from Evermore itself.

  • With the help of World Walkers, science, and magic, the portal to Lore is closed and the Darkblood Plague is cured... for the most part.

Notable Seasonal Events

  • Evermore's Grand Opening

  • Champion Night


Dates Run: 3 Oct. 2018 - 15 Nov. 2018

Num. of Characters: 

Seasonal Activities: 

Previous Season: None

Next Season: Aurora 2018


The World Talkers' Audio Recap:

Lore 2018 Story Part 1

Lore 2018 Story Part 2


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