Mythos 2019

Mythos 2019 was Evermore Park's summer season. With longer, warmer days, Evermore Park explored new stories and joinable guilds, including the Rangers of the Red Fletch and the Dragon Trainers.











Story Summary

     The portal to Aurora had closed. Time passed and eventually, the portal to Mythos opened, and with it, the portal to our world.

     Many new faces joined the townsfolk, including those that belonged to entire organizations (The Roving Acting Troupe, The Rangers of the Red Fletch, etc.), as well as those with new faces, but with familiar names, such as the now-restored Caderyn.

Evermore Gazette Available During Lore 2018



The World Talkers' Review 

     It was in this season that we discovered Evermore Park. We fell in love with the idea and the potential. We knew it wasn't perfect, but it was incredibly fun. The Park itself didn't know what it was, as just a week or two into the season, the format of the entire thing changed. It was originally just a linear walk-through model where guests stayed on the path and were guided through a story. Upon hearing that guests didn't want just another "haunt" experience, Evermore Park changed and adapted and created something new.

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Abberford Duphrane

Captain Abberford Duphrane (Lore 2019)

Photo Credit: Jenica Lindy Schulz


Major Plot Points:

  • Following the events of the Dragon Ritual, dragons were now spotted in the forest surrounding Evermore, and a large dragon named Syladross found his way into the mausoleum where he lay sleeping, gathering his strength.

  • The portal opened to Mythos, allowing new visitors to come to town.

  • Caderyn, the once monstrous being, had been restored to his original form. 

  • The Faeries learned the truth about Caderyn's "sickness."

  • Strange happenings began happening in town:

    • The faeries found an entire section of the forest that had been burned down.

    • A fire had burned down Violet Atkinson's barn, where upon further inspection, unique markings, stones, and a book were found.

    • Professor Edgar Beaumont's home was burglarized one night. A large amount of gold and some notes on blood magic were stolen from his home.​

  • A mayoral election takes place in the town of Evermore​. World Walkers are invited to help the town vote for who the mayor should be.

  • Jardani, the leader of the Romani fortune tellers, was revealed to be a "body snatcher" of sorts. The body's original owner started to regain control and wreaked havoc on the town.

  • After being forced out of his body, Demitri "jumped" to other people's bodies. Ultimately, World Walkers and Evermorians joined together to defeat Demitri.

  • Violet Atkinson was named mayor of Evermore. She received a nefarious letter from a group called The One True Government of Evermore. The letter told her that they would be watching.

  • Someone began a magical attack on Caderyn, weakening him. Which allowed the Darkness to take him over once again.

  • Mind controlling potion was found in the woods.

  • Chief Inspector of Evermore, discovered that the barn fire had been set by Maxwell and Professor Beaumont's home was burglarized by Gudrun. They were both under the influence of the mind controlling potions, and had no memory of these actions.

  • Caderyn revealed that Kyrah, the Princess of the Faeries, was not a faerie at all, but rather a powerful witch who had been present at the closing of the portals 1,000 years ago. Kyrah had no memory of this as a result of the magic used. She passed the title and crown of Faerie Princess to Imelda, Faerie of Love.

  • On the night of the Mythos portal closing, Caderyn walked slowly from the front of town to the Statue of Saint Michael. His face now completely transformed, he had succumbed to the darkness once more. Many of those from Mythos decided to return home, while others, remained in Evermore to help protect the town.

Notable Seasonal Events

  • Evermore's Grand Opening

  • Champion Night


Dates Run: 3 Oct. 2018 - 15 Nov. 2018

Num. of Characters: 

Seasonal Activities: 

Previous Season: Aurora 2018

Next Season: Lore 2019


The World Talkers' Audio Recap:

Mythos 2019

Story Part 1

Mythos 2019 Story Part 2


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