Evermore Park: An Overview

Updated: May 25

If you are just hearing about Evermore Park, welcome! If you have heard a bit about it, but would like to learn more, we also welcome you.

First and foremost, the question that you may be asking is: What is Evermore Park? What do you do there? Why would anyone go there?

What is Evermore Park?

Evermore Park is a completely unique take on a theme park located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. There are not any rides as you would normally expect in a theme park, as the "main attraction" is the story presented by the actors, cast, and crew of Evermore Park. It is a story-telling venue that invites you to be more than a spectator. For in Evermore Park, you are the main character.

Map of Evermore Park - Courtesy of Evermore Park

To help tell these stories and fully immerse you in them, Evermore Park's "stage" is the town of Evermore. This fictional town is set somewhere in England, some time between the years 1880-1890. The time is intentionally kept mysterious, as time and the town itself is a bit... strange (one might even say, "wibbily wobbly timey wimey..."). The town of Evermore, which covers the span of 11-acres, houses beautiful gardens and buildings, including a tavern, mill, mausoleum, and many others.

The residents of Evermore, who are portrayed by professional actors who have been trained by Evermore, have their own backstories and secrets that you can discover as you talk with them. These residents must deal with problems very similar to us, with one major addition: they face new troubles brought on by the existence of magic.

This magic allows portals to be opened to other worlds and for people and creatures from those worlds to visit Evermore.This complicates things for the residents of Evermore, and allows for many different stories to be told.

What Do You Do There?

There are not any rides at Evermore Park (other than the train that takes you for a quick ride around the Park). So, many people ask what do you do there?

Evermore Park does hold special events including New Years Eve parties and themed parties including a Pirate Soiree and a Masquerade Ball. These events are excellent and you don't want to miss them.

However, on a non-event day (the majority of days that Evermore Park is open), you are able to do the following with just the price of admission:

  • Interact with the actors and ask them questions about themselves to discover their story.

  • Complete quests to help individual storylines and the main story line happening that season.

  • Unlimited target practice with bows and arrows at the Archery Range (may be closed during the winter months)

  • Unlimited target practice with axes at the Axe Range (may be closed during the winter months)

  • Join Evermore Park's guilds and rank up within them (Elven Rangers, Blackheart Hunters, Pirates... and more!)

  • Gambling dice games with the Pirates

  • A live bird and reptile show showcasing Evermore Park's menagerie of beautiful animals

Additionally you can pay and enjoy the following:

  • Delicious meals and treats prepared by trained chefs

  • Non-alcoholic drinks served at the tavern (alcoholic drinks are usually served at Evermore Park's special events!)

  • Beautiful merchandise that you can take Evermore home with you.

Grimy Goblin, One of Evermore Park's Goblin Characters.

Evermore Park gives its guests a fantastical storytelling adventure. Guests can come in costume or just in casual wear (I don't dress up, and I don't feel out of place among others who do). You may recognize some aspects to be similar to video games or LARP (Live Action Roleplay), however,

if you are not into these activities, it may still be interesting to you.

There are many ways to play at Evermore Park, and whatever way you choose, you are not doing it wrong. It aims to entertain all, no matter what they enter Evermore to accomplish.

Hours of Operation

Evermore Park is mostly an outdoor venue, and as such, it is subject to the weather. Evermore's hours of operation change according to the time of year, so check Evermore Park's website.

It is usually open Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM (again, these times are subject to change depending on the time of year).

Evermore Park has split their year into 4 different seasons. Each season is themed differently and may change the story and character you experience in the park.

In Evermore Park's story, each season has a different portal that is open, and as such, different characters from a given world are able to visit. The people that live in the town are still present through the seasons, but others are able to join them.

The seasons are presently:

  • Mythos (Spring) - Dragons, elves, trolls, and faeries fill this season as it is Evermore Park's high-fantasy season. Traditionally been a fun, lighter season.

  • Pyrra (Summer) - This season was just announced this year. We aren't entirely sure what is going to happen.

  • Lore (Fall) - Evermore Park's scary/haunted season. Dark creatures and beasts find their way into the park through the portals. The story during Lore can be darker than the other three seasons, however, it is still a fun family-friendly destination.

Evermore Park During the Aurora 2019 Season

  • Aurora (Winter) - Aurora is a magical winter season, complete with large light displays and fire pits. Characters inspired by Nordic stories and legends travel through the portal at this time

Evermore Park is A Place for Children and Adults Alike to Imagine

Evermore Park is an ambitious project and as the business itself is in its infancy, things are changing as they figure out the best way to engage their guests and provide quality entertainment for all.

Ken Bretschneider, the CEO and creator of Evermore Park, has stated in a personal interview with us, that Evermore Park came about because, "in today's world, adults have forgotten how to play and imagine, or they don't have a space to do so. [Evermore] is for everyone, but it is also so that people have a safe place to imagine a better world and escape from the real world for a moment."

As Evermore Park continues to grow, the Evermore Park's creative team has plans to include more exciting stories and activities. The options are limitless for Evermore Park, and we are excited to see what is to come.

Check out Evermore Park's website at evermore.com for ticket prices and further explanation.

Zane Presenting Calabasas, the Horned Owl, to Evermore's Guests

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