Evermore Plans to Reopen After COVID-19 Closure

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

**Update: Evermore Park will open its doors for their Pyrra season on June 13, 2020.

Evermore Park has released that they will be reopening after their COVID-19 temporary closure. According to their social media, Evermore Park will be reopening to the public in the summer of 2020.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, Evermore Park will have to skip their Mythos season and the planned story. They will instead open their doors into their new season, Pyrra, the details and theme of which we do not know.

We have been told that the way Evermore Park operates will be different, because of the current situation after the closure. This is both nerve-wracking and exciting as we see what the team creates, but also what beloved aspects may be changed due to these differences in operations. See evermore.com to see some of the announced differences in ticket prices and features that one can purchase.

We of the World Talkers podcast ask for any and all fans of Evermore Park to come out and support it when the park reopens and to be patient and open minded as Evermore's creative team figures out what is best for the park, its guests, and its future.

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