Evermore's New System: Evermore Epics

  • Please Note: A full review and discussion of the Evermore Epics will be available in the weeks to come. We want to see how it all works before we give a full review on things.

Evermore Park is open again, and it feels amazing to be back. After months of boredom, it felt amazing to step through the gates of Evermore and be welcomed by beautiful weather, familiar faces, and the opportunity to hear wonderful new stories.

Along with the changes to protect guests from the "cholera" going around, Evermore Park has made operational changes to ensure that everyone--both the newcomers and the diehards--can take place in the overarching story.

Evermore Epics aim to make Evermore's story more manageable and easier for everyone to follow, and also allows even more decision-making power to the guests.

How Epics Work

Evermore Epics are divided into story segments. Each story segment will be playable for two weeks and then the story will continue to the next segment. Each Epic will present World Walkers with bit of a story with decisions and the World Walkers will have to decide which decision they agree with.

Each Epic will be different and will vary in story, length, complexity, and the available characters involved in the Epic.

During your visit to Evermore, if you'd like to take part in the Epic, stop by The Crooked Tavern to sign up for a time slot. Available time slots go from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. The current Epic (The Bow of the Last Shackle) takes 45 minutes to complete, and runs every 30 minutes. It costs $10 per person, which you pay at The Crooked Lantern. After paying, feel free to go off and have other fun adventures until your time slot.

When your time to run the Epic approaches, make your way again to The Crooked Tavern to meet up with your group, which consists of 25-30 World Walkers. Once Evermore's actors are ready, a host will come get your group and start you on the Epic. The host will explain anything that you will need to know in the moment, but as with all things Evermore, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The Story of the Current Evermore Epic

Now with the Pirates of the Last Shackle claiming Evermore as their permanent place to dock, other pirates have begun to arrive. The Broken Bow, which is the fastest ship of the Dagger Fleet, were traveling in the Endless Sea and stumbled into an ambush by the Compelled Hands Company. This band of pirates are slavers, thugs, thieves, and just not good people.

The Broken Bow was badly damaged and had to take refuge on Earth in Evermore. With the Last Shackle and the Broken Bow having been badly damaged, there are only enough parts to fix one of the ships. World Walkers get to decide what happens--should the parts from both ships be put to use to repair the Last Shackle (a true gun ship in the Dagger Fleet) so Earth can arm itself against the Compelled Hands? Or should the parts be used to repair the Broken Bow, so they can run to go get help? Or something else entirely?

Meet the new crew mates of The Broken Bow and The Last Shackle. Learn more about what each crew plans to do, then make a decision how to help the pirates. Watch out though as other World Walkers may have other plans.

Already Done the Epic? Now What?

Now that you have already completed the Epic, what should you do?

Be aware that there still is story outside of the Epic. Within the Epic is the overall seasonal story, however, there are still characters outside of the Epic that have rich backstories that you can learn about and interact with. Interactions between characters (called tableaus) still happen outside of the Epic, however, there will be less than in the past.

Additionally, be aware that you can redo the Epic. There are many different endings depending on what the World Walkers do. If you like one option more than the other, you may want to run the Epic multiple times, as whatever ending World Walkers choose the most is the ending that becomes canon. You can see the direct results of your decisions in the following story segments.

Also, if you are a member of an Evermore guild, ask your guild leader if they have an opinion on the matter or if they could grant you an advantage for the Epic. This is not required, but it is something that you can do to get more out of your experience with the Evermore Epics.

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