Tracking Evermore's Auction Posts

Updated: May 29, 2020

Update: All of these auctions are now closed. Winners will be contacted through a Facebook direct message.

As Evermore Park's creative studios and offices are moving closer to the park itself, the executive team has decided to sell off some masks and things from past adventures. An auction will be held online from May 26-28, through Evermore's Fan Community on Facebook.

While some have been fearful of what this means for the company itself, this provides Evermore Park with a way to find new fans in other communities, show off their product a little, and make a little money, which everyone can use right now.

If you find yourself interested, we have amassed links to the individual posts for each item. You can find this below.

A note on how the auction will work.

Simply put...

  1. Browse the items on Facebook.

  2. If you find one that you would like to buy, make a bid (must be US dollars) in the comment section--not as a reply to someone else, but as a comment on the actual post.

  3. Check back on that item periodically and outbid others that would like the item. The last bid must stand for 10 minutes to prevent sniping.

  4. To get the item, you must have the highest bid at the end of the auction on Thursday, May 28th at 12:00pm MST.

Additional rules or clarifications are on each of the posts, so make sure you read them.

Here are the links to each of the item posts:

(Updated 5/27/2020)

  1. Mask A

  2. Mask B

  3. Mask C

  4. Mask D

  5. Mask E

  6. Mask F

  7. Mask G

  8. Mask H

  9. Mask I

  10. Mask J

  11. Mask K

  12. Mask L

  13. Mask M

  14. Mask N

  15. Mask O

  16. Mask P

  17. Mask Q

  18. Mask R

  19. Mask S

  20. Mask T

  21. Mask U

  22. Mask V

  23. Mask W

  24. Mask X

  25. Mask Y

  26. Mask Z

  27. Mask A2

  28. Mask B2

  29. Mask C2

  30. Mask D2

  31. Mask E2

  32. Mask F2

  33. Mask G2

  34. Mask H2

  35. Mask I2

  36. Mask 1

  37. Mask 2

  38. Mask 3

  39. Thick Black Foam Scraps

  40. Thin Cream Upholstery Foam

  41. Female Mannequin 1

  42. Female Mannequin 2

  43. Female Mannequin 3

  44. Female Mannequin 4

  45. Male Mannequin 1

  46. Male Mannequin 2

  47. Male Mannequin 3

  48. Male Mannequin 4

  49. Male Mannequin 5

  50. Male Mannequin 6

  51. Male Mannequin 7

  52. Male Mannequin 8

  53. Male Mannequin 88

  54. Male Mannequin 10

  55. Hand 1

  56. Hand 2

  57. Hand 3

  58. Lisette Model

  59. Yarn Beard 1

  60. Yarn Beard 2

  61. Cthulu/Alien Baby

  62. Monster Clay

  63. Evening with Actress Who Portrayed Wen Weaver

The post for the Original Maquette Scale Model of the Statue of St. Michael has been deleted, so it is assumed that the item is no longer up for auction.

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