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All World Talkers projects were created by us because we love Evermore Park and the creative process of making a podcast and website. However, the reality is, these projects take a lot of time out of our day and take money to maintain. 

This website and all associated work on it is possible because of amazing people like you that have chosen to support us! 

To ensure the continuing delivery of quality work to you, our listener, we have set up ways for you to support us financially. We do not ask this lightly, as we know that financial decisions are serious. However, if you can do so and enjoy what we do, consider donating through one of the options below.

Donation Options

Repeating Monthly Donation


Through Patreon, you can set up an automatic monthly donation at different tiers ($1, $5, or $10). At each tier, you get more perks including access to our World Talkers Discord server and an exclusive podcast called Anything Goes, where we take suggestions of things and then discuss them! Become a patron today to get more World Talkers in your life!

Single One-time Donation


Ko-fi is a platform that will allow you to support us through a one-time donation. These donations help us with our overall goals, however, it does not come with any extra perks. This gives you the freedom and option to support us when you can without worry! Support us with the simple amount of the cost of one cup of coffee!

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Consider supporting us through donations! The more support we have, the more work we can put into the podcast, website, and all other projects!

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